Appraiser Owned & Run Since Day One

PCA Appraisal Management is your trusted company for real estate appraisal services. We believe in providing our clients with fair, honest appraisal service in the most efficient fashion possible. It is PCA’s mission to link our clients the finest appraisers in the business for the most streamlined appraisal process possible.



Our rigorous selection process guarantees that our appraisers are the most knowledgeable experts available in their field. PCA invites qualified, professional appraisers to apply to become part of our team! Elevate your real estate appraisal career with PCA today!



It is our job to connect lenders with the top appraisers in the country. We ensure that all appraisals are completed and reviewed in a timely manner, so you don’t have to worry. PCA treats your business as if it were our own. Get started now to find the appraiser you need!


Here at PCA Appraisal Management, we like to emphasize that we are owned and run by an appraiser.  Why is that so important?

Using an AMC that that is not owned and run by appraisers is similar to having surgery performed by a businessman who “understands surgery” but is not a doctor and never went to Medical School.  

Would you allow someone who “has spent many years in the industry” or is “well versed in dentistry” but not a dentist perform a root canal on you?  Certainly not.  Loan officers, real estate agents, title officers…they all have their duties.  But there is only one who can legally value real estate:  an appraiser.  And you either are one or you are not.

At PCA, we advise that you be cautionary in your selection of AMC.  Most AMCs are not owned or run by people who have actually done the job so they have zero understanding of how to insure it is done properly.  

One last point, at PCA we would never ask anyone to uphold a standard that we ourselves would not uphold to include an appraisal license, E&O Insurance, a perfect performance record, minimum of ten years in their geographical area…getting the picture?  

Our standards are high for one reason:  we set the bar as an appraisal firm and continue to do so as an AMC.  Does your current AMC do the same thing?  You may want to inquire.